The Commitee for Public Information consists of a chairman and of 10 members, who are assigned by the Ministry of Education for a three-year period after hearing the Academy of Finland, the Counsil of Arts and essential associations.

Office term 1.6.2018 - 31.5.2021


Executive Programme Planner Katja Bargum, Yle


Director Leena Suurpää, Finnish Red Cross


Public information grants

The Committee for Public Information awards targeted grants for public information to individuals or members of working groups (but not to associations or societies) to implement work plans that contribute to public information, mainly as a form of compensation for creative work.

Committee for Public Information (TJNK)

The Committee for Public Information (TJNK) is an expert body attached to the Ministry of Education and Culture. It follows progress in various fields of research, arts and technology and the development of knowledge in Finland and abroad. The Committee was established by government decree on 13 January 1972.

The Committee for Public Information coordinates and promotes the publication of information.

State Awards

The Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland grants annual state awards for information publication based on the proposal of the Committee for Public Information.

Drawing of a happy woman with a trophy.

Night of Science in Kruununhaka, Helsinki

The Night of Science is a block party for science and research. It is celebrated annually in Kruununhaka, Helsinki. The next event takes place on Thursday the 14th of January 2021.